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Chronological List of Forthcoming ELT Conferences




  • February 25, 2012  – 8th  ANNUAL ÇEVRE ELT CONFERENCE WEB



  • February 25- Aydın University. Istanbul Link

International SymosiumResearching Teachers: In-Service Training And After…”



  • The 33rd Annual TESOL Greece International Convention, March 17-18, 2012 in Athens, Greece.

Teaching, Testing and Technology Link


  • TESOL Macedonia Thrace-Thesaloniki

Experimentation. That’s the name of the game. 10-11 March, 2012

  • March 3rd 2012 – The 9th ELT “Liberating the Learner” at Izmir Özel Türk Koleji

The Turkish Education Association is calling for papers for its 5th International Conference titled “Empowering the Learner: Linking Assessment to Learning” to be held in TED Istanbul College.






The Power of Collaboration: Turning from Theory to Practice in ELT.” Link





16th-19th  July,2012    13 Braz TESOL  Rio De Janeiro









    • 1st Teacher Development Symbosium. 20th and 27th February, 2011 Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece Blog

  • Cevre Schools ELT Conference here 26th February, 2011 Istanbul – Turkey




  • Florya College -12th March, 2011 – Istanbul – Web link

  • 32nd Annual TESOL Greece International Convention 12th-13th March, 2011 Website Athens-Greece

  • Beykent University -19th March, 2011 – Istanbul Facebook link


  • Yüce Schools’ 6th Foreign Languages Teachers’ Conference – 19th March, 2011 – Ankara Website

  • Tesol Macedonia Thrace 18th Annual Convention – 19th-20th March, 2011-  Thessaloniki Greece – Facebook Page


    • İzmir University of Economics. 25th-27th March, 2011 Website

  • Virtual Round Table Conference – Webinar – 25th-27th March, 2011 Website



  • Merve Schools ELT Seminers. 2nd April, 2011 Konya -Turkey  WebSite

  • ISTEK 2nd International ELT C0nference. 2nd -3rd April, Istanbul- Turkey Website

  • Anadolu University – Eskişehir  8th-9th  April, 2011  “Sharing Issues in ELT” Website

  • EAQUALS International Conference 8th-9th April, Prague, Czech Republic  Facebook Page

  • Ihlas University-Istanbul – 9th April,2011 -International Storytelling Conference’11 Website

  • 45th Annual International Iatefl Conference And Exhibition 15th-19th April – Brighton, United Kingdom IATEFL Online Web

  • Samsun College 16th April, 2011 – 4th Ted ELT Conference- Samsun, Turkey Website

    • Çankaya University 2nd ELT Symposium 16th April- Ankara Website

    • Okyanus College ELT Conference 16th April- Istanbul Website

  • The 1st UES International ELT Conference- 24th April- 1st May, Antalya PDF



  • Bilgi University – … … May

  • Doga College………

    • Bahcesehir University –  14th May, 2011  – Stephen Krashen and his colleagues. Facebook

  • Ankara University – 14th May, 2011- 7th Annual ELT Conference – Ankara Web

  • Yasar University SoFL International Conference in Tesol  27th May, 2011 İzmir Web“Combining theory and practice.”

  • Contemporary Techniques and Approaches in Foreign Language Education 28th-29th May, 2011 Marmara University – Istanbul Facebook

    • Fatih University  4th Annual ELT Conference May 28t, 2011 “From Theory to Practice” Website

    • KOTESOL National Conference 14th May, 2011 Website

  • TDSIG The unplugged Conference 21st May, 2011 Website


  • Sabancı University Eclipsing Expectations-June 2-4, 2011 Web


  • 1st International Conference on Language Testing and Assessment  3rd-5th June, 2011. University of Cyprus



July :

  • Istanbul University,  6th-9th July “Excellence in Education 2011: Giftedness-Creativity-Development”,  Web


  • ELT Workshop – Online Bingo Game for ELT Classes.  Virtual Classroom of wiziq.com By Evridiki Dakos 21st July, 2011


    • The Refom Symposium- Free Online Global Conference for Educators. 29th-31st J uly, 2010 Website

Agust :

  • 10th International Conference on Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training – ITHET 2011 in Kusadasi, Turkey. Webpage

September :

  • International Conference on Society, Education & Development: “ICOSED-2011” at Ürgüp Sebahat ve Erol Toksöz Vocational School – Nevşehir (Cappadocia), Turkey Website


  • The First International Congress on Curriculum and Instruction: “INCCUI 2011” at Anadolu University, Eskişehir, Turkey.
    • The 15th International INGED ELT Conference: “Taking it to the limits” at Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey. (Proposal Deadline: 27 May 2011)


    • Realizing Autonomy, 29th October 2011, Nagoya – Japan Web




  • TESOL France 30th Annual Colloquium,   November 4th to 6th, 2011 Web

  • JALT2011,   37th Annual International Conference,  18th-21st November Web

  • TESOL Greece MM/CALL SIG 6th November, 2011- Sunday Facebook page

  • November 19th 2011 – The Izmir MEV Koleji 2nd ELT conference.

  • November 26th and 27th 2011 – Doğuş University ELT conference, Istanbul. Web


  • Beijing, China 4 – 6 November 2011

         Organised by NAFLE (National Association of Foreign Language Education), China Education  Society, supported by British Council, and IATEFL’s TEASIG, TTEdSIG and YLTSIG.



My abstracts:

Cevre Schools ELT Conference here 26th February, 2011 Istanbul – Turkey


“Guided Discovery – A Magic Technique for Getting the Best out of your Students”


The pleasure of achieving and discovering by yourself is one of the most efficient factors which reinforces learning autonomy and provides  students with great motivation and self-confidence.


In this workshop the presenter will demonstrate a guided discovery lesson; an inductive approach using the Socratic Method where all the students are engaged and guided on the path to discovering the target language at all stages of the lesson, thus providing a student centred lesson rather than a teacher centred one.


Evridiki Dakos



Florya College ELT Conference  -12th March, 2011 – Istanbul


Easy and Attractive Accessories for Drama Classes and School Plays


In this hands-on workshop the presenter will demonstrate easy and very quick ways of creating a variety of attractive student and teacher friendly accessories where you can use them both in your storytelling and drama classes and your school plays as well.


If you like art and crafts and wish to explore a different dimension of imagination and creativity where you do not use pencils, rubbers and rules and if you want to use lovely accessories in your daily life then join us!


Evridiki Dakos

ISTEK 2nd International ELT C0nference. 2nd -3rd April, Istanbul- Turkey


What if your learning style determines your teaching style and your teaching style determines your destiny as failure or success?

It is very important to know what your own predominant learning style is, because when you teach, you may unintentionally prefer your learning style and neglect other types of learners in the classroom.


In this hands-on workshop of NLP the presenter will guide participants to identify their own predominant learning style through a test and a brief in put session on learner types; Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic (VAK). The presenter will also guide participants to explore and apply a variety of teaching techniques that enchant and reinforce language teaching addressing the needs of each type of learner.

Evridiki Dakos

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  3. Dear Saadet,

    Thank you very much for your invite! I wish I would come but I have learnt it a bit late… hopefully next year… if I learn it in advance.

    I have added your conference news to my blog page of ELT NEWS also posted it on Facebook and Twitter! 🙂

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  4. Dear Colleague,

    You are cordially invited to Yuce Schools’ 6th Foreign Languages Teachers’ Conference.

    When: 19th March 2011

    Where: Yuce Schools in Oran, Ankara

    How: conference@yuce.k12.tr

    How much: Free

    Who: German and English Teachers and Teacher Candidates

    Can I ? : Yes, of course you can share the nvitation.

    Looking forward to seeing you.

    Kind regards,

    Yuce Schools

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