L1 in L2 Classrooms? At Reform Symposium Econference – #RSCON5


L1 in L2 Classrooms- RSCON5

Evridiki Dakos-Reform Symposium Free Econfrence

Evridiki Dakos
Reform Symposium Econference


I have had the honor to be invited to present at Reform Symposium Econference again. #RSCON5

I am presenting

L1 in L2 Classrooms?

Short Session Description :

 A: L1 in L2 Classrooms?

B: “No L1 use in L2 classrooms!”  

But  is it that simple? How about being a student in a foreign language class for a while and see how it feels and works?



Full Session Description :

There are many things told against and for the use of L1 in EFL Classrooms, and we all have our respective ideas on the subject since we all have our own ways at looking at things. However there are many opinions,

the prevailing opinion is;”No L1 use in L2 classrooms!” But  is it that simple? How about being a student in a foreign language class for a while and see how it feels and works?

In this practical session the presenter, Evridiki Dakos will  conduct  a short  Greek  lesson and she will invite participants to reflect on their  feelings related to lesson and  share their ideas on pros and cons of using L1 in classroom as well as on stating main challenges and finding suggestions.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

8:00  – 8:30 PM (Europe/Istanbul) GMT +3

Duration: 30 minutes

Join us to share and learn together… 😀


Evridiki Language Learners


E.Dakos Reform Symposium-#RSCON5

More Details about my session

The link to my room to join my session

Reform Symposium Conference

RSCON5 Schedule

The link for the recording

L1 in L2 Classrooms- RSCON5 2

Evridiki Dakos


 We are going to repeat the session “On Learning 2gether” on 2th September, 2014

Click here for more details. 


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